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 Arizona State House 2018

About Val and why she is running

  • 50 year resident of Arizona 
  • Graduate of Camelback High School and Rio Salado College 
  • 37 years of corporate experience with American Express
  • 4  adult children living in Arizona who attended Arizona public schools
  • Veteran of Save Our Schools campaign

Education, health care, and infrastructure are more important to our economy than corporate tax loopholes.

Public education is the cornerstone of a strong economy.  More investment in public schools from pre-K through junior college

Business owners look for good health care, first-rate schools, and a vibrant public sector for themselves and their employees


Accessible and affordable healthcare is a right. Expand Medicaid. Protect the vulnerable.

Close sales tax loopholes to invest in public education and economic growth.

Please help me to get on the ballot for the 2018 primary and general election.

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I am running under Arizona Clean Elections rules which means my campaign is not funded by PACs or corporations. 
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